Monday, June 12, 2006

Don't waste your time

Last night, I checked what the weather was supposed to be like for today and it showed that it was going to rain. So this morning, I wore a long sleeve shirt, my jacket, and brought my umbrella along with me to school, thinking it would be a cool and grey day. When I left the house, the sky was almost all clear and quite blue, AND the sun was starting to shine brightly. I thought maybe the weather forecast might be right later in the day, and the clouds would probably come rolling in from wherever clouds come from and start raining.

Instead, no. When I got on the bus(es), got off at bustops, and got to school, wherever I looked, I saw people wearing short pants/shorts, t-shirts, and other thin summer clothing, while I was stuck in my stupid long sleeve shirt and carrying my jacket and umbrella as I walked from classes in the sun, like an idiot.

The moral of the story is that you just wasted approximately 1 minute (depends on how fast your read of course) of your life because you ignored my warning title, when you could have done something productive, useful and/or beneficial for yourself/someone. Good job.