Thursday, June 22, 2006

Head tax redress in news and Playland not so fun

PM Stephen Harper delivered a formal apology on behalf of the government (and in a sense, the country, but not really) to Chinese Canadians who paid the the head tax (as well as descendants, friends, family, others), today around noon. I saw it live on the TV (pas sur la télé, mais à la télé). Symbolic payments will be given as well as funds for community projects.

Personally, I want all textbooks to be changed, so that credit is given to where's credit is actually supposed to be due. Take that, all you fruit loops at Craigellachie, BC in 1885! Nyah nyah nyaahh! Pbbbbbbbbb! 8^p


In the lastest Timnews, after a semi-stressful night of cramming and presentation preparing, followed by a semi-semi-stressful day of exam writing and presentation giving, I was treated to go to Playland with my sister the day after (uh....that would be yesterday).

It's a pity, but Playland no longer has the exciting/fun/thrill factor it once had when I was younger, or that I dreamed it had in my head. I always imagined the Wooden Coaster's first big drop was bigger and faster ...more exhilarating. It's still fun, just, not as much. Maybe if the lines were reduced to zero and screaming people were not allowed inside the park, I might have enjoyed myself more. Maybe.

Maybe I'm growing up and no longer a kid anymore?
No, I'm still immature. Fart fart fart. Ha. See?
Fart. Heheheeee......
It's not that funny actually.

Gas was 110.9¢/litre on Tuesday and has been around 112.5 for a while.

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