Friday, August 25, 2006

Float like a butterfly, sting like a wasp?

Welcome to the Friday Edition of Good News/Bad News. Let's begin.

Bad news: I was stung by a common wasp.
Bad news: Unlike bees, the wasp is probably still alive.
Good news: I was only stung once.

Bad news: I was stung on one of my toes.
Bad news: It hurt. Sharp intense pain the first few moments.
Good news: It wasn't on my face.

Bad news: I've never been stung before.
Good news: Went to the drop-in clinic and found out I'm not allergic.

Bad news: It still hurt when I was in the clinic.
Good news: The doctor gave me some antihistamine and cream for free.

Bad news: The swelling and inflammation on that toe was immense!
Good news: See the previous good news.

Bad news: The toe-pain now is comparable to the sorenes of a toenail being ripped off or a really really really really really really really bad stubbing.
Good news: I can still walk/run...for the most part normally.

Bad news: I hate wasps.
Good news: I will kill many wasps someday. Along with many other bugs.

Stay tuned within the year for the next edition of Good News/Bad News.
Saw gas "come down" to 109.9 ¢/litre
EDIT: August 27, 2006 - I'm pretty much all better now. Only used the drugs once. And gas was 107 ¢/litre today for a low.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh man...sounds like a pretty horrible sting. When we were at the retreat this weekend I couldn't tell you were in a lot of pain. hope it feels better man.

Damned wasps eh? I hate them's not even like they do anything good like bees [they pollinate etc]. wasps are all trouble makers hahaha.

- Josh [a.k.a. Rob] :)