Thursday, August 10, 2006

Let the summer begin!

Yeah! I had my last exam today! Woohoo! Narf narf zoooort! In retrospect, I think the amount of time I spent writing the exam today could’ve been shorter though. It was scheduled for 3 hours and I estimate I spent about 20 minutes daydreaming…teehee. Doesn't matter. Sigh. It feels strange that I have no immediate pressures or school work that needs to be completed to be handed in for marks or something. Aaaah. What a feeling.

Sooooo…… not much else is new with me, other than school finally being over. Oh wait, sudoku, I have to talk about sudoku. About a week and a half ago (maybe it was a week ago? my internal calendar is all messed up) I did another Friday edition of the sudoku in the 24 Hours and I completed it again, in under 50 minutes. I think they changed it; I think Thursday is the hardest now. Hmm. Oh yeah, I also did a sudoku recently in that inferior Metro paper in 4:41 minutes (take that, you inscrutable-under-13-minute-time-limit!)

Some general things to share:
In the last 254 lecture I had, the prof ended with something amusing. He talked about something that he heard about in the news. Paraphrased: “Most things we need are made in China. Like 99% [I made that figure up] of underwear is made in China. There’s some underwear you can buy here, but it’s very expensive and no one really buys that anyways. What would happen to us, if China just stopped making underwear? The world’s supply of underwear would be gone! What would we all wear?” And then he dismissed us.

In 207, one of the last things the prof said, paraphrased, was dealing with final grades and stuff: “It is certain that 17% [I made that figure up too] will fail this class. There is nothing you can do. If you get a ‘D’, you must re-take this class. A ‘D’ is a polite ‘F’. If you get a ‘D’ or an ‘F,’ do not hope that it will be changed. Miracles don’t happen. Jesus died a long time ago.” At this point, the class laughed (which I’m not surprised at anymore) and then he blabbed about something else. What a sad outlook on life.

And just for fun, here’s some words of advice a strange lady told me 2 weeks ago (I’m not kidding):
“Don't get hit by a truck. It'll screw up your life.”

Gas has been in the 114.9 - 120.9¢/litre range.


Bernice said...

I start ubc in 3 1/2 weeks. oh my goodness.

Anonymous said...

If only your 207 prof knew about the overwhelming evidence for Jesus' resurrection.

Hmmmm, I wonder what would happen if China stopped making underwear . . .