Friday, September 08, 2006

12 Weeks left

Well, the first week of le semester has ended. It’s been good. I think it’s safe to say that I will probably enjoy most of my lectures and classes, partly because from what I’ve heard so far, the profs seem interesting. Also, I probably won’t have to do any quantitative analysis math junk. So there. But I will have to do a lot of writing. Boo writing. Boo it to the core. Boo. Bu, wo shi Jianada ren. Or Huaren

Well the first week of school has ended. It’s also been bad. I’m a little peeved at all the people. After taking the summer semester (bad grammar, I know) this fall semester feels like sardines. I mean this especially literally when on the bus. I blame all the returning students who have come back from work, and first years who just clog up everything. Good job people. You just made my life slightly/barely/noticeably miserable with your humongous backpacks and slow walking/standing in the middle of hallways/stairs/paths/doors. I need a big stick to poke or swat people who don’t know how to get their feet out of first gear. Grr.

And now something completely unrelated, if you ever need to do special printing/photocopying etc, don’t go to Quad Books in the Maggie Benston Centre. You may as well just call me up and ask me to kick you as hard as I can in your behind. And I can kick very hard. Bam!

But DO go to the Campus Printing Centre shop at the Cornerstone building. That owner is soooooo nice/personable/helpful. And its clean. And you don’t need to leave your backpack by the door. And it’s buttloads cheaper than Quad Books.
So remember: Quadbooks?
Campus Printing Centre at the Cornerstone?

Saw gas for 100.0 ¢/litre today. Wow.


Bernice said...

my first week of my first year of university just ended. woah. I've got 6 years to go... great.


Bernice said...

oh, that reminds me tim... I'm assumng you're part of Campus for Christ because I think that's the only one at sfu... if that is, I'm planning on joining the ubc version of whatever one you're part of at sfu ('cause I'm assuming you like it!).

and to jacmert: I'm only complaining because I have so very little money and so many years ahead of me of uni that I need to pay for.

Tim said...