Monday, December 04, 2006

Fall 2006 Semester = End

It's a little hard to believe that it was summer 3 months ago. Anyways, it's almost final exam time. Yay! I'm so excited! Exams are so much fun and I'm so happy! Not (but actually right now, I am happy).

Last Tuesday, because of the weather I got to walk on water.

The AQ Reflections pond froze over. See?

You have to admit, that's pretty cool (pun possibly intended).
Paulman was cooler. He skated. On the pond. At SFU.
And he did it for free too.

How cooler is that? His actions are like a legend now. Hundreds of years from now, people will question amongst themselves, is it true, the one called Paulman skated on the SFU pond? And what are skates? (ok, so I'm assuming global warming is on schedule in my lame little joke. Doesn't feel like it is because of our recent temperatures...)

Anyways, I saw two random/funny things today:
1. A girl talking on her phone outside the library.
Oh wait, I forgot to mention, she was smoking, two cigarettes... at the same time!
2. A guy on the bus reading a book called Linux Server Hacks.

Ok, so maybe they're not that funny.-
Maybe its because you're not funny.
Nyah nyah! 8^p


eD said...

I should do that before I graduate!

Oh. and get rid of word verification. its annoying!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice pic =P

add oil on ur exams timbitz..hehe

smoking 2 cigarettes at the same time? -.- one is not strong enough or smth? -_-"

anyhooz..take care =]

Bernice said...

sweet. too bad I didn't think of that... a few roads at ubc flooded and it was an absolute pain trying to get to class. shoulda just brought my skates and skated to class!

Tim said...

jacmert: i still tihnk you're cooler than them

ed: i think you're annoying! kidding. if i don't have it, i get spammed. i've tried.

ky4evr: i don't know about cigarette strength. maybe she was super stressed?

bernice: too bad its all melted now.

tim: you talk too much

Bernice said...

I'M FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! My last exam was officially over at 1:42pm today!