Monday, November 27, 2006

It's still snowing right now

Since Saturday night, we've gotten about 8 inches of snow (measured by me sticking a ruler outside...hehe). On Friday, while going to class, it started to snow a little at SFU (and then it stopped and completely melted). Anyways, it was really fascinating to watch people's faces as they saw the snow start to fall. Nearly everyone had a huge smile on their face, some laughing, some pointing to show their friends what they were so happy about. I think I was grinning a bit too. Snow isn't magical. But it's so beautiful. That's why it's mentioned in some parts of the Bible. Maybe in our minds, we see snow as a symbol of peace. It falls gently, softly, and is a strong clean white. And everything that was not, is now white. Even the sky is white. Our entire neighborhood last night was so peaceful, under a thick heavy blanket of puffy snow. Complete tranquility.

Speaking of last night, our neighbourhood lost hydro (that's partly why it was so peaceful...). That was a bummer. I was really angry at first, mostly at the 1-888-POWERON phone number that you can use to report your outage, because I kept on getting a stupid recording that just looped me saying that I could call the number that I just dialed. I gave up. Tried to do homework by candlelight. Everyone went to sleep early. I called the number again before sleeping, was put on hold for 35 minutes (picture me in the dark, lying on the carpet, waiting on the phone, listening to lousy "on-hold" music), then was told we'd get our power back on by noon (they actually got it back by 7:30am, kudos to those hardworking electric hydro people!).

Anyways, I've learned not to be angry at situations like this (well, now that it's passed...pretty quickly too, so I don't have that much reason to whine), but to appreciate the basic need of electricity. Or wait, maybe it's the basic luxury of electricity. Either way, I'm very grateful. Got to go to sleep with sweatpants on. And "play" with fire and candles in the house as my Mom says. And got to hear that classes were cancelled at SFU today. Narf!

So......I'm off to reset all the clocks in the house and do some snow shoveling.
And just for fun, here's a new picture of Spider-Man: