Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Amazing Ethnic Race (8pm/9 Central)

(Don't feel bad if you don't understand my title - it's supposed to be a joke. A lame joke)

Haven't checked my email all day, been doing errands/avoiding the computer. Found out there was a bomb threat at SFU today via my inbox. Huh, interesting. And sad.

Speaking of school, I finished all my final exams this week, and I was musing on the bus, I can't remember which day, but in my 8 semesters so far at SFU I've had profs/lecturers/TAs who were:

- Canadian (caucasian)
- Japanese-Canadian ( not Nisei)

- Indo-Canadian
- British Indian
- Chinese (from China)
- Bosnian (don't know if Canadian citizen)
- British (don't know if Canadian citizen now)
- South African (don't know if Canadian citizen now)
- Canadian-Chinese
- Russian (don't know if Canadian citizen now)
- American (caucasian.... not 100% if he was American...)
- and a Honger
(Nov 22, 2008 - also add to the list:

which I find pretty interesting. Just goes to show how multicultural Canada really is. I really enjoy talking about race/ethnicity... it's fascinating to find out what cultural backgrounds people have, what common ties there are, and what are the differences people have with one another. Speaking of differences, I'll be the first to say, that yeah, I'm racist. I am one of the most racist people I know sometimes. However, before you try to start thinking up some nasty names to call me (I'm not Hitler-racist, I just make stupid comments/observations from time to time), I want to point out that I believe everyone is racist. Just some more than others. Think about it. Think about yourself while you're at it. It can be hard to admit and I think it's difficult to get away from. But hey, you should understand by now, that's life.

Speaking of life, my life to be exact (yeah, lousy transition I know), I'm going to be away April 30 - June 15 in east Asia. Going to be fun, so don't email me, I won't get it. Talk to me privately if you want to know more. I am more than happy to talk to you about it, even if you're a random internet stalker (althought you must be some real nutjob to be stalking someone like me).

And now to end off with something funny. I heard Jon Stewart say something like this on The Daily Show: "Four words you thought you'd never ever hear: Al Gore movie star"
I cracked up.
Saw gas for 115 - 120¢/litre past week or so....caramba!

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remember to eat something strange in east Asia and take a picture of it