Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labour Day! + PNE pics

According to logic and reason (well, mine anyway) there should be Labour Day Greeting Cards. Father's Day and Mother's Day aren't holidays, but they have greeting cards. The same with Valentine's Day. Yet, Labour Day is officially recognized as a statutory holiday or as an old co-worker of mine said, "A day where you get paid time and a half" but people don't wish each other "Happy Labour Day!" with greeting cards or hold Labour Day Banquets!

Actually, this is probably a good thing, because then according to my logic, greeting card companies would also need to have cards for Remembrance Day, Victoria Day, BC Day....etc. Then more trees would die (that's a bad thing... I'm really into recycling paper) and yeah.... I think I've proclaimed my hate for Christmas cards a long time ago. Meh. Besides, who in their right mind (maybe in their left, *rimshot*) would want to wish someone a "Happy Victoria Day?!" would probably be really fitting if someone's name was Victoria though. I don't know anyone with that name, which is why it's only occurred to me now. This is a really stupid topic. I can't believe you're reading this crap.

Okay, back to Labour Day! For the first time in 15 (16?) years, I'm not going to school, the day after Labour Day! This is the new thing I mentioned here. I'm working full-time; it's a co-op job. So it's actually directly related to school, but I'm not going to school itself. Although I do learn things at work... Meh this is beginning to be a boring topic too...

Today is (was?) the last day of the (*drumroll*) PNE! I went last weekend, and so I think it's fitting if I put some pictures up.
Running, backflip through spinning hoops...

...and a beautiful landing!

I estimate this girl was balancing all those cups on her face for a good 15-20 minutes during her act.

Crazy! (crazy good)
The crowd is in awe.
What could be on top of these 4 glass bottles?
....just 10 chairs and a girls doing gymnastics, that's all.

More crazy! (crazy good;skill)

This picture does not do justice of this act. It was really amazing.

BAM! And that's how they do it!
Those were the "Peking Acrobats" (grrr Wade-Giles, my butt!). That was pretty much the only thing I wanted to see at this year's PNE. Not interested in the rides, any other shows, market place, etc. They were so captivating.... partly because I'm guessing they were my age, or younger. Sigh... I have an idea how they grew up, probably in a school since they were young, being trained for (insert crazy high number) hours a day, away from their family all the time... China is rough on its people (understatement, of course).
BUT, I saw and did some other things after the show.
This is a horse's butt.
This is where my 2% milk will come from... or lunch.
Me, pretending to eat the chickens... behind the fencing... use your imagination.
Pigs' butts.
Prizes you could win, after spending $83 on the fair's games.
So many people! It was like a river of people!

Me, pretending to eat a delicious elderly couple. Mmmmm.... old people....
My absolutely scrumptious, $5.00 footlong hotdog! That's ~$0.42 per inch.

Oh my goodness, the bathrooms are on fire (were they bathrooms? I'm guessing cause of the guy/girl persons symbol on the banner)!
....just kidding. It's just a ton of meat being barbecued in the back.

And last thing before this post is over, I rode a STRIDA today.... It was great.


Paulman said...

Lol, awesome. I think I've seen the Beijing acrobats before. In Beijing. Might be the same team, too.

Jill said...

hey tim! i had a feeling your blog would explain why i hadn't seen you on campus by now. soooo how's co-op going?

Johnson said...

i wonder what the old couple would think if they looked your way while the picture was being taken

Anonymous said...

wow..really really nice photos of the peking acrobats..
i couldnt take any at all while i was was way too dark am i funny in that xanga post O.O!?

but ya..amy is funny..hohoho~

Tim said...

jill: its a blessing really

johnson: they would think, "that dumb chinese kid is yawning for a long time...."

ky4evr: you just are