Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Literally random thoughts and things I've noticed...

...which have passed through my mind and are now available free of charge on the internet for your time-wasting pleasure.
  • Raisin is a funny word (and "fruit"). Raisin, raisin, raisin. Heeheehee!
  • Bicycles are amazing
  • There is a law firm in Nanaimo aptly named "Murphy's Law?" Hmmm.
  • Windows Vista = stupid, STUPID problems
  • I saw the Hamburglar and his head was huge
  • Memorizing the number of stairs in a staircase is handy when walking up/down them in the dark
  • Miscounting the number of stairs while walking up/down them in the dark is not pleasant
  • Gravity always wins, sigh
  • Throwing/spinning a CD high, straight up into the air and trying to catch it, is fun
  • Pens and tshirts (especially white ones) do not mix well
  • When I hold my hands close to the very top of my head, I feel heat emanating (how's that for a word of the day?)
  • Chickadees are very cute
  • Overcast/sky-all-grey-cloudy weather = Beautiful/near-perfect weather
  • Telephones make me irritable
  • Using a urinal and then having your cellphone go off while it is in your pants pocket can be a frightening experience


Bernice said...

chickadees may be cute, but they're evil and agressive... trust me.. I've been bitten.. lots. not to mention they like trying to escape... made doing medical exams on them (weight, size, any health probs) really difficult. but yes.. SOO CUTE!

Paulman said...

Ha! The urinal comment is hilarious!