Friday, October 12, 2007

Pictures of the past week

Here's a 4000 word post, in pictures (because I'm still lazy, unmotivated, and now also emotionally tired... whatever that means):
A distant relative came over to our house, and he decided to make an apple pie, from scratch. It was beautiful, and it tasted like beautiful as well.
The remains of a phone book, that I ripped in half with my super-hero strength.

The dog threw up. And this is what he looked like about 7 minutes later.
Got a fortune cookie with two "fortunes" inside. Oh the irony, because I read the first one, and then the second and I thought, "That's cool." Although its been about four days and I still haven't found anything that I've lost long ago....

Now, you go be productive... somewhere else....


Paulman said...

Stop feeding your dog apple pie.

And I like the fortune cookie I got in Halifax from a Chinese restaurant: "You will always be surrounded by those who love you" or something like that.

I think that restaurant was giving out "wisdom cookies" instead of fortune cookies, cause I got another good one from there.

Johnson said...

you are funny Tim

and poor Lance

Tim said...

ha, that dog didnt get a crumb of apple pie.

also, all dogs throw up every now and then (rarely), so no need to feel sorry for them.

Johnson said...

ooh ic

putting the Lance pic after the pie pic kind of implied that you fed it to him

Johnson said...

ps (and sry for the spam): arg, why won't my blogger profile pic show up?!

Johnson said...

woot, there it is!


(sry for even more spam) :P

Tim said...

......siiiiiigh (at the johnsonspam)

to avoid ambiguity, i changed the picture order.