Thursday, October 04, 2007

Unmotivated Tim = A post of just links

Soooooooo........ I updated the Gigantigismic links page!
Perhaps I'll try to put some stuff during the long weekend, but don't count on it. I'll try though. Maybe.
If you subscribe to my feed, you'll be able to know...

Here's what's new: because Jesus Christ is alive fascinating giz news. aka tech news, aka geek news, sort of (frequently updated) Our Daily Bread. Thanks God! biking rules/safety etc in BC - very informative and useful. very. brilliant. people do stuff, document it, then post instructions for you to follow a guy made a pool heater - 112 mirrors reflecting 112 patches of light onto one spot "entertainment for the curious mind" the coke/mentos people this guy does cool (dangerous?) things and video teaches it to you dwight lyman moody's sermons BAM! the book one "Nuclear War Survival Skills" i'll read this someday pictures that will melt your heart want to microwave weird stuff and watch it? this is it its an idea to have cars powered by horses. yeah. i haven't even bothered to take a good look

Happy Friday Everyone!

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