Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Poetry in le Transit

Do you know what "Poetry in Transit" is?
If you ride on TransLink buses, in BC, you do.
I think, they are dumb.
They don't make sense;
They are not even funny.
Not like my poem.
I think 'tis a funny poem,
But I think "Poetry in Transit" is dumber.
How do poets even make a living?!



beko said...

oooo are these poems that they stick on train walls?

we have them in melbourne and once i saw a poem that was written by one of my high school teachers...i had to laugh.

Paulman said...

Lolol. This is awesome.


In poets' defense, though, some of them are probably pretty talented and artistic. And deep. I guess.

Tim said...

bek: in the bus, there are these panel advertisements that are sort of along the edge of the ceiling of the bus, and in some of the panels, they put a poem instead and some short ad for a book of poems (pity the people who actually buy those books....)

paulman: i must confess that i am actually "Anon" (hehe, not so anon anymore...) and i thank you for your compliments.

Johnson said...

Haiku in le Terriblelands

Senseless poetry
They are dumb and not funny
Tim's poems are funny


Tim said...

johnson, you went over one syllable... maybe just change "funny" to "droll"

also.....this is my first poem on le Terriblelands.....

but thankee kindly anyway!

Anonymous said...

reading poetry in transit makes me dizzy. so I avoid it. and that last question in the poem is like the bane of every Art degree holder's existence.