Wednesday, January 23, 2008

S.tick A.t it Dude

The first time I read about seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D), I thought the whole idea itself was sad (the lame kind of sad). I thought it must be sort of true for some people (like the kind who purses their lips when they're angry, or the kind that enjoys eating bagels ), but it was just a dumb idea to me because I typically love winter. Interestingly though, after hearing some news reports on TV about Monday (January 21, 2008) being the most depressing day of the year, the idea of SAD became more real to me. On a completely separate note, I was unusally energetic and joyful on said Monday. Strange!

Anyways, for the past month and a bit or so, (now that I've thought about it), I think I had a very slight case of seasonal affective disorder. I wasn't depressed or mopy all the time, but I was frequently tired (as mentioned here and here), which I must admit was partially my fault since I wasn't going to bed early enough. But honestly, the weather/seasonal timing did play a part of it. It's a real dreary feeling to have to crawl out of a warm bed, trudge to the bus stop in the cold eeeearly morning, and then arrive at work by 8am- all with no daylight. And then it's an almost equally dreary feeling to get off at 5pm, and trudge back home, again with no daylight. It was a real battle each morning to wake up, and I ignored my alarm clocks so many morning... Long story short, I'm really appreciating how there's more and more sunlight as I travel back and forth from work because I actually see it now.

Oh yes, while talking about the sun, here's a short conversation I had with my boss:
[I hold a door open for him as he walks through]
Me: [holding up my hand and rubbing my thumb and index finger together] What? No tip sir?
Boss: Never stare directly into the sun.
Me: [taking a few seconds to process the "random" statement] Wow, that's a good tip.

Oh yes, one more tip I learned today. Wearing earbuds and listening to music while driving is a baaaaad idea.
1. I'm thinking of starting a thing called Pointless Posts in the near future. They will be designed to waste time, but hopefully be amusing.

2. Church politics sucks bigtime.

3. I would love to see a drime one day with the theme music being The Pretender by the Foo Fighters.

4. Haven't done this in a while but, saw gas in Edmonton about 12¢/litre cheaper than it was here. Lately, it's been about 105ish¢/litre.

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Anonymous said...

ya, i know ppl who've moved to vancouver from elsewhere and SAD hits them big time. and i think everyone is generally in a better mood when it's sunny.

also, tomorrow, you should either come with us to Missions Fest or meet us there cuz it's in Vancouver which is closer to you. we'll be at the 7pm plenary session.