Friday, August 15, 2008

Links added to Gigantism Links page for August

In no particular order, a bunch of pages/sites I've encountered over the past few months on the information superhighway: i wish i'd found this blog sooner. hack life! very very informative/educational Nick Vujicic + John 9 + a lot of Jesus = wow make a slimmed down version of your windows OS disk - search about it in lifehacker step-by-step derivatives, used this a lot in math 157.... but i can't remember what a derivative is... "face of the future" face transformer! upload a pic of yourself and see what you'd look like... freaky but cool the news is now public - may be helpful for when you're looking for info in an alternative media useful site for when you want to download FLV files for youtube (search for Super by erightsoft) looking up old canadian court cases, useful but maybe ignorance is bliss in some cases bike repair video tutorials, neato have your own pdf "printer" on your computer! convert docs, images, media, etc! very useful technically, its not really a game. the test says i can take on 27, but that number should be higher... this is on the same level of fun as skistuntsimulator, which is pretty fun haha! fly a plane over googlemaps and then drive a car over googlemaps! this is really good practice for when i get a real car neverball! you are a ball, you control it. now go! an online store where you can buy the best of the best of the best, sir! (congrats if you got that MIB reference)
its'a picture of an old article of a prediction about the future lyrics from the songs on the simpsons! a blog about stuff white people like... teeheehee... actually i like some of those things... stuff korean moms like. can also apply to many chinese moms too. hehehe... Om nom nom nom... RAR! (you can urbandictionary this term if you don't understand, hehe) "25 Skills Every Man Should Know"- perhaps not practical for all mean on all continents have a clothing stain? here's how to remove it (may not work, can't trust the internet, or can we.... make your own multitouch table for your pc cool stuff made out of lego! yeah yeaaah Danish blocks! nintendo mods.... pretty pretty wii consoles... article on The Evolution of Tech Companies’ Logos " Billboard Charts for gadgets" and its educational too it's The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products! as see with wile e. coyote and roadrunner a pc case made out of duct tape simpsonised fan art, fascinating this is almost sad, but then what does Ephesians 2:1-3 say? the simpsons house, in real life this is a cool thing, and would be especially helpful when paired with a gun fold paper into cubes, to make desk companions. cute! and crafty! papercraft is so cool. play any game you want on your computer, with a webcam, using your body (think wii-like, but not quite) "Darik's Boot and Nuke" a self contained boot disk to securely erase hard drives a fantastic video/audio converting application - converts almost anything clean crap of your computer (thats what the other c stands for) - under All Shows, search for "the vice guide to north korea" fascinating Matt's 2008 dancing video - he's dancing at the DMZ! BRILLIANT! 360 x 360 degree cameras, that you can pan so its like being there! crazy!


Johnson said...

keep this post up for a while :D

Tim said...

they've all been added to the "gigantism links" page