Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Summer of Tim (not)

Today, I first went to the UBC bookstore to see if they'd buy some of my old textbooks. They didn't (because university bookstores and textbook publishers and their manufacturers are EVIL). Then I went to SFU to get textbooks for next semester (next week, sob). Then I came home. All of this took me 5 hours to do. Four out of those five hours was spent on public transit. Makes me want to cry.

After coming home, I checked my email and already waiting in my inbox was an email from my BUS 347 prof welcoming everyone and informing us all that we have a reading to do for the first class and attached was a 14 page syllabus. Makes me want to cry.

The Summer of George Tim just started 2 weeks ago!!! And it's already ending!?!?

I hate all the commercials on TV that talk about back-to-school sales... makes me want to cry.

I'm going to go sit in a corner and cry now.

Seacrest out!
(haha, gets me every time!)


Anonymous said...

you were on campus today? did you see the craziness that is Orientation.
and i really dislike having readings to do for the first class. i feel like that breaks some sort of unspoken rule. the first class should always be about the syllabus only. lol.

Tim said...

no, i got there past 3, so i only saw the remants of first year lineups trying to get their student id/library card (haha suckers)

Anonymous said...

there, there timmy... don't cry now.

Anonymous said...

hey timmy oh, i always forget you have a blog cos your url is always rejected by iGoogle.. weird!

Tim said...

hmm that is weird