Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2009 feels like 2008

Happy 2222, as per this post. Haha, my jokes were even lamer 2 years ago...

School is started. For some strange reason, I feel like I haven't been to school in a loooong time, although it's only been a month. Very strange. Maybe it's all the snow.

Speaking of snow, I am very close to hating it. The movie The Day After Tomorrow will always be more meaningful to me now because of how many kilometers I've trudged through snow this past month. I am so glad however that it's all melting away... slowly. The rain keeps coming down as if we live in Seattle or something (sarcasm), but I am ultra thankful that it's not snow, even though it has been very messy the past few... days... no wait, weeks.

By the way, if you live on a street that has street drains/catch basins/whatever they're called that are buried by snow and you want to clear them up to allow water and melted snow to flow down it, check out Google Maps or Microsoft's Live Search Maps to try and aid you in finding those things. Worked for me, so I thought I might mention it.

Kind of pointless to mention (but not pointless enough for it's own post), but I've been starting to get behind in reading and replying to emails (not to mention all my feeds in Google Reader).... and I just realized todat that my SFU email has not been forwarding to my regular Yahoo email because of a system switchover that happened recently. I have lots of tedious stuff ahead of me now... and course information to catch up on, yikes.

Happy New Year from Lance
happy 2009 from lance


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was walking home from the bus stop and decided to walk on the road because it was a lot faster and less slippery, but then I almost got hit by a bus! And that's why that was the only time I've walked in the snow this winter.

I'm guessing biking is a no-go in the snow?

Tim said...

good guess! you must be a sophisticated english student!

(and the lame jokes continue...)

Johnson said...

WOOHOO for rain that washes away the snow!

BOOHOO for the slushy mess everywhere!

(sound familiar?)

Anonymous said...

Tim - :P

Johnson, are you trying to be like the Peak editors?

Tim said...

i was going to guess, the ubyssey...

Johnson said...

Hehe, sophisticated English student is actually a good word to describe Jill!

After the prayer walk last night, we played this game called Things in a Box, and someone wrote "cowhide." When I looked around the room, I thought Jill wrote that because I thought that was a sophisticated word, and I was right!

Tim said...

she drinks tea too. that's also very sohpisticated!
(i think jill's unsubscribed to my feed by now...)

Anonymous said...

what?! the words "cow hide" gave me away? unbelievable. also, i'm pretty sure like half the world's population drinks tea.

how about i unsubscribe from tim's sarcasm? :P