Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am such an idiot

I have never left a movie theater feeling angry before. Usually I'm happy and sometimes in awe of the great storytelling, until tonight. I just saw Knowing and I left the theater angry.

It is so incredibly stupid, I feel like an idiot for freely choosing to see this movie. I was not coerced, I was just under the assumption that it would be intersting, but KNOWING IS ONE OF THE STUPIDEST MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! If only I knew. Sigh.

I wish I could erase the part of my brain that remembers the movie in my brain, because its taking up valuable space. Don't see this movie. If you love yourself, don't watch this movie. If you really must though, don't spend money to watch this movie. Trust me. Read the entry on Wikipedia on it, read forums, read about how much other people hate it. It's really that bad. That's why I'm taking the time to vent about it, because I feel like such an idiot and I need to warn everyone else.

Nicolas Cage and the female protagonist (forget her name) yell at each other unnecessarily a lot because Nicolas Cage doesn't know how to communicate and answer simple questions. A bunch of aliens torment a bunch of kids and lots of violin/suspenseful/potentially scary music is overplayed in too many scenes. Every student at MIT who owns a laptop chooses Dell. In the end, it turns out the numbers on the paper are predicting the end of the world, and two children are transported somewhere by the aliens to start the human race afresh. The earth is burned up by the sun. The End. Oh wait, her name was Diana.

I need to go watch TV and try and cleanse this filth from my mind.


Johnson said...

wow, must be a really bad movie

wanna go watch the new Terminator movie?

Tim said...

actaully i do as the trailers have KILLER ROBOTS!!!

but i think i need to watch the first 3 movies first...