Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pointless Post #26

My life has reached a new low.

I goof off and make lots of lame jokes all the time, but apparently my "personality" was misunderstood (haha shut up) as a gay guy in Convo Mall asked me out today.

For the record, I declined. When the semester is over and I have free time again, I'm going to buy a truck so I can work on it, then I'm going to take up hunting as a hobby, watch even more hockey, and do more manly things.


What are Pointless Posts?


Johnson said...

work on a truck eh?

i think i'm going to learn how to grow and take care of grass. is that manly enough?

Tim said...

did a made-up gay guy hit on you too?

Johnson said...

didn't notice the date

i guess this is some kind of april fools?

i like ur last april fools better, where u keyed another car