Saturday, May 09, 2009

Floppy Disk Pen and Pencil Holders For Sale

(or you can use them to hold candy)

They’re recycled! Makes great gifts! If you buy them, you’re helping the environment (if you’re into that sort of thing)!

Cute! Neat! Geeky! Cool! Unique! Hand-made!
Available in BLACK



One for $5
Three for $12

Shipping to Canada: $1
Shipping to USA: I'll give you a quote

(This is a lot cheaper than the ones I've seen on
If you buy more than three, shipping costs will go up slightly, but I’ll have to check how much and get back to you.
  Also, 75% of everything I make from this, will go to help children in India via Mission of Mercy Canada (I’m still undecided between their clean water projects or school funding projects).

Email me; regarding payment, I accept PayPal.
(And yes I know, my photography skills are seriously lacking.)


Jacquelyn said...

Water projects!! Gives more time for kids to go to school/study when they save time getting water AND have better health! But then again, I am super biased. Either is a good cause. Good idea!

Tim said...

i was leaning towards that one too, so hurray for clean water!

Jill said...

cool! also, how is it that you have so many floppy disks? aren't they extinct by now?

Johnson said...

ooooooh........ cool idea! i will buy one with your autograph on it

Tim said...

nope jill, floppies are everywhere. floppy drives however, seem to be harder to find...