Saturday, February 06, 2010

A bunch of Olympic related stuff (work and play)

I've had four full shifts so far at the Main Media Centre venue. Not many guests have arrived yet so not much was done this week. It was pretty quiet. On the plus side, I've been trying to make use of these slow times to pray. I had a very good prayer time one night. If my prayer life was plotted on a graph, you would have seen a huge surge in activity at the point "Friday, 2am." A good way to make a true Christian feel guilty is to ask them how their prayer life is.

On the negative side (or is minus side the opposite of plus side?), almost all other Olympic venue workforce (other Event Staff, Games Security Screeners ("security?"), and police) have been celebrating the Olympics the same way I've been by planning to also, by eating as many cookies as possible. I speculate there must be a correlation between the amount of cookies we eat and the amount of work we have to do (and also not to mention the fact that we were promised cookies during our shifts). Truthfully, the cookies aren't actually that tasty. It just helps to eat something.

I pity some of the police from across Canada that have been brought in here to work the Olympic venues. Some of the cops I've talked to have shifts over 12 hours long, in a single location (ie. blocking off a tiny street with a barricade), only at one particular venue. Whoopee. They also have to be away from their families for 5 weeks.

Ok, so for something unrelated to my job, I happened to be walking along Thurlow street (the newest part, closest to the waterfront) and I saw what resembled huge helium tanks (but not quite... maybe it's natural gas?) being delivered behind some covered gates next to the International Broadcast Centre (the new Vancouver Convention Centre building). Inside those gates is a huge thing covered in white plastic so it just looks like a big white cube. Global BC news speculated a few weeks ago that's where the Olympic flame will be on display during the games, so that makes sense if it's true. And if it is true, I'll try to take a picture of it.

I can't remember what other stuff I wanted to say and I want to end quickly because I haven't killed zombies for a few days now, so if you are looking for optimistic news/insight/fun related to the Olympics, check out: <-- a super-optimistic and informative fan blog <-- free stuff happening during the Olympics

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