Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Vancouver Olympic Cookies

It is a little past 5am right now. I'm trying to alter my sleeping schedule, because I start work at 10pm tonight (or ~17 hours from now). My shifts will go until 7am. How ironic that I've been killing hundreds of zombies for the past few days (playing Left 4 Dead, yeah!) and I sort of feel like one now as I force myself to stay awake. I wonder how Batman does it.

I have a more general idea of what I'm actually doing at the Main Media Centre venue, but not so much of what I should expect (and I can't really say too much anyways because our supervisors made a point during training/orientation by asking us not to blog on the interwebs). Because of strict corporate sponsorship and stuff for the Olympics, we're not allowed to bring our own food/drinks to work, so instead one meal is provided for every shift you get, and hot drinks and cookies are provided throughout the day! So I'm definitely expecting that.

I plan to visit the break room so that I can stuff my pockets with cookies to eat during my shift. That's a normal and rational thing to do right? That's how I'll celebrate the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. I like cookies.

In other Tim-news, I was finally able to pick up a book from the SFU library that I put a hold on in, wait for it, October 2008. Apparently it was lost.

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Johnson said...

mmm olympic cookies.. mmm olympic hot drinks... take pictures