Friday, October 07, 2011

Pointless Post #65

(cold, grey, and damp weather) + (a selection of classical music by Julie Nesrallah on CBC Radio 2) + (home made mac and cheese, with extra cheese and chunks of ham) + (a stool to sit on)

= Contentment

I suppose that equation could be improved if I replaced the ham with bacon, but I'll work on that next week.

In other useless Tim-news, I discovered a new condiment (or is it a seasoning?).
Crushed up potato chips! You can use it as a topping on anything! It adds flavour AND texture.

And crunch!

I've yet to try it in my coffee.


Alicia Hoisington said...

I'm a huge fan of crushed up potato chips on a lunch meat sandwich. In lieu of lettuce, it gives the sandwich a satisfying crunch. :-D Rock on, Tim.

Tim said...

i've done that many times before, but what was new for me recently was that i added it to my fried rice. soooooo good. now i want some bbq pork....