Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pointless Post #68

It aggravates me when someone calls my phone early in the morning, asking for someone that doesn't live here (or doesn't exist) and then hangs up without apologizing when I tell them they have a wrong number.

Example, this morning, shortly after my alarm goes off:

*ring ring*
Me: [groggily, but trying to sound awake] Hello?
Rude person: Hi, may I speak to Amanda please?
Me: You've got the wrong number.
Rude person: *click*

Wire clothes hangers also aggravate me. They get caught on each other so easily!

Gas has been around 135-138¢/litre the past few weeks, and even hit 141¢ near Thanksgiving but today I saw it for 131.9¢/litre. Le sigh.

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