Monday, December 19, 2011

Pointless Post #69

Yesterday evening, I found a loonie in some leafy muck on the side of the road where rain water flows into the storm drains. It was very dark and I thought it was a very large penny (which isn't worth getting your hands dirty over), until I remembered pennies aren't that large. So I took a few steps back and behold! ONE DOLLAR!

My hair is long enough that it can get caught in my jacket zipper.
Also, I found a knot in in one of the hairs today.
Jamie Oliver's Christmas specials are faaaaaantastic! Leek and Turkey pie? WOW.

I'm enjoying one of my Christmas presents from my sister and brother-in-law:
Spider-Man loves Cheetos

Sooooooo good. I just wish there wasn't MSG in in it. That's the price for deliciousness I suppose.

Saw gas for 121.9¢/litre and its below 95¢ on Vancouver Island?!

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