Thursday, December 08, 2011

10 New Spider-Man Pictures

I've been feeling pretty lazy lately, hence no new posts, as well as I had pneumonia recently. God loves me and I'm feeling much better, though I still wonder how I got it in the first place. I lost about 12.5lbs in the process. So now I get to gain it back, plus more!

Here's four of the ten new-ish Spider-Man pictures. Some I forgot I had taken and some I just took tonight:

Spider-Man sits in the cheap seats at the Pacific Coliseum In the Pacific Coliseum. Can you spot him?

Spider-Man does a handstand by a riverbed Being a showoff.

Spider-Man gets closer to KO'ing the M&M Beating up a plastic candy.

Spider-Man loves Belgian cookies BELGIAN COOKIES!

Gas hovered around the high 120s in early November and recently I've seen it as low as 124.9¢/litre.

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