Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blogger's remorse

I feel so bad in that I have idea after idea that I want to write about, but I usually don't get around to doing it.  Or possibly even worse, I'll start a post I'm very enthusiastic about but in my earnestness, I never get around to finishing it.  Case in point, I have a post that I started two years ago and it's still in the draft stage. Sigh.

Anyways, as this year winds down, I'd like to take this time to announce that I will be tweeting on my Twitter account regularly.  However, it's nothing to get excited about.  I've had Twitter for a few years now (and I have followers, though I've never tweeted anything or told anyone about my account...strange), but it was more for just reserving my name.  But as long as there's useless crap on the internet, I'm going to add my fill to it and that's what my Twitter is going to be about. Uselessness.

And just to end on something random, these are my favourite socks at the moment:

I bought them in a pack of six.  Initially, I was just really keen on wearing the blue and green ones, which I did, and they are actually very, very worn out now (thin material along the business areas and holes developing), but lately, I absolutely LOVE the pink, orange, and yellow coloured socks.  I try to dress as plain as possibly, in neutral to dark colours most of the time, and I think deep down it's a thrill to me when I'm wearing a shocking bright colour on a part of my body that is for the most part hidden.  And then, if I'm sitting down or squatting or something and my pant leg rides up a bit, then BAM!  Multi-coloured ankle surprise!  Man, I am so weird.

Gas has been in the 132.9¢/litre range.  Bugger.

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