Monday, January 06, 2014

Pointless Post #92 - New Calendar Edition

I don't have a 2014 calendar yet to put on my wall (I NEVER buy calendars and don't intend to start now), and I've found this past week having to squint a lot at the tiny "January 2014" preview portion of my old  December 2013 page just because.

So tonight I decided to remedy that by doing this:
Problem solved!

In other Tim-news, my Twitter feed is up and going strong for the past five days.  As promised, it is completely useless and of little value to.......the entire freaking universe.  But as this is the internet, I see fit to add my garbage into the mix, again, just because.  The thing that amazes me the most so far is that I'm actually gaining followers and haven't lost any yet.  What's wrong with you people!?

EDIT: January 17, 2014
A few days after posting this, a super nice lady I know bought a calendar, but only wanted the pictures and gave me the numbered month sheets. WIN

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