Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bought a Bug Zapper Today...

So I've been living on my own for the past few months and now that it's getting warmer I've noticed bugs flying around inside my home.  The other day a fly landed on a shelf and I had nothing to hit it with and I was scared to hit it with something hard in case bug guts squished out of it and then I'd have to clean that disgusting mess up too, so I ended up chasing it around the room with a large mailing label that had the back peeled off (sticky side outwards).  The idea was that if I got close enough and pressed the label against a surface that the fly was on, the fly would get stuck to the label and then I'd just crumple the whole thing up, sticky side onto itself, and throw the whole thing out.  While mid-chase, the fly flew into a shadow and I never saw it again. Ugh, how frustrating.

I passed by a Canadian Tire today and decided to purchase a bug zapper racket ($6.99 plus tax).

Not less than 2 hours later upong returning home and testing it with some AA batteries, a large spider scurries out from under my backpack (which I had just used last night) and I freak out.  It crawls under a bookshelf which I have to shimmy away from the wall, bug racket in hand.  Shelob scurries out towards a darkened room where there's brown flooring and I freak out even more as I can't see the dark body of the spider as it blends into the laminate. I smash the floor maniacally with the bug zapper until I see sparks.  I switch on the light and see the dead, motionless spider under the racket "mesh."  I continue to fry that sucker until it smolders.

As my heart rate began to drop several minutes later, I start to understand why some people need to smoke cigarettes to calm their nerves.  What a day.

Welcome to my domain.
I used an empty cereal box to scoop it up. As you can see, if the legs were fully extended it'd be about 2 inches or more in diameter.

La fin

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