Tuesday, July 12, 2016

IKEA Morgondal Queen Bed Frame Instructions

For the poor soul who's desperately searching for these, I present to you the IKEA Morgondal Queen Bed Frame assembly instruction guide (Copyright 1994) in PDF (564kb).


If clicking on the picture doesn't work, here's the link to download.

You're welcome!  Feel free to leave a comment to say where you're visiting from :-)


Unknown said...

Thanks for these MORGONDAL instructions, Tim.
Visiting from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
Got the bed together but am missing 2 x #03716 and 4 x #03718 to fix the centre metal beam so I can support the mattress base.
Ah well, I'll work something out.

Tim said...

Glad these were of help to you, Nik! Perhaps you can visit your local IKEA if convenient for some spare parts? At the IKEA nearest to me (Coquitlam), the "Returns" department area has a wall where you can help yourself to extra screws, pegs, etc for free.

Anonymous said...

I really would appreciate it if anyone knew what the cost of this bed (king-size) was in 1996 or the likely value today! My very evil spouse of almost 40 years is suing me for divorce so he can galavant with his new perversions. He has asked the court to charge me $500 for this old bed.

Thank you!!!!

Tim said...

That's rough :-(
If it helps, I bought this bed frame on Craigslist on 2016 for $90 CAD. The IKEA catalog archive from 1996 (https://ikeamuseum.com/en/digital/ikea-catalogues-through-the-ages/1990s-ikea-catalogues/1996-ikea-catalogue/) lists the MORGONDAL bed frame as 3295 Swedish Krona.

Karen said...

Hi Anonymous, we bought the MORGONDAL King in 1997 for $519.00 pretax. I hope this helps! Even though it's now over a year later!

Tim said...

Gold star for you Karen! ⭐