Saturday, March 17, 2018

How to Make Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup (w/pictures!)

Super simple and super delicious!  A defos easy comfort food staple.  Soup for everyone!

1.  I chopped up some carrots, celery, and one onion and put it in the Instant Pot.  I used straight-from-the-freezer chicken thighs and put them in the center of the veggies and added water.

2. I set the cook time to Manual > High Pressure > ~25 min (20 min probably would've sufficed).  This is what came out:

3. I deboned and shredded the chicken and added some generous handfuls of elbow macaroni, a slab of butter, pepper, salt, and thyme.  I also seasoned my shredded chicken before putting it back in.

4. After stirring everything well, I put the chicken thigh bones back in for more flavour.

5.  After setting the cook time to Manual > High Pressure > 10 min (I'm really into overcooking things... I'm thinking 5min would've been plenty), this is what came out:

6. Stirred, bowled, and ready to eat!

7. And then I spilled it everywhere because I'm a klutz.  The hot soup burned my thigh through my sweatpants a little.  I also said a few choice words.

8. Sigh, the end.

In other news, my couch has a beautiful and comforting aroma now...


Jill said...

Tim. This is, like, the saddest post ever.

Tim said...

Also one of the most delicious posts ever!

John Warner said...

I used it twice and it quit working while I was using it the second time. Had to finish cooking my meal in my crockpot and eat it the following day. instant pot duo

Tim said...

can't tell if this is a bot or not....