Saturday, March 31, 2018

Pointless Post #107 - Priorities Edition Revisited

While talking with a female colleague:

Colleague: [blah blah blah] ...and my ten-year career plan.
Me: [with a look of amazement at her and simultaneous disgust at myself] Ten-year plan??? I don't even know what I'm eating for dinner tonight!

This is one of the differences between men and women.


Last night I reached for my spool of floss and pulled out a tiny, waxed thread only to discover that I had run out of floss.  Shortly after, I went to bed wondering when I had last purchased floss...

This morning while examining that same spool to make sure I was indeed out of floss (half asleep last night), I discovered my handwriting on the bottom of the container in black sharpie.  I felt an immense sense of closure, smiled to myself, and them updated it with another date in blue sharpie. 

Good job past-Tim, good job.

~13 months to use 183m.  Not bad.

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