Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blackened Ice

Most of the snow’s melted where I am. But, black ice is abundant. As I was walking home just before 6pm today, I was walking down a mild sloping street and I started to slip. I didn’t fall though, because I’m such an amazing balancer and I have such fantastically strong leg muscles that I was able to stand firm and show that black ice, who the real man around here was!
Actually no, that didn’t happen. I slipped, regained my balance, and then slipped again and nearly fell. Then a car drove by and I’m pretty sure the passengers were laughing at my comical “ice dance”. It’s life. I’m getting used to it. I laugh at me too. Sometimes when I’m bored (or hyper) I’ll make faces at myself in the mirror and make myself laugh. 8^p

Oh yes, I saw gas for 90.0 ¢ / litre today. Yup, I was wrong. I’m not surprised that I was/am. I’m human. I make mistakes. I’m getting used to that too. No reason to laugh about that. Or is there......?

Meh, I'm tired.

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