Sunday, January 22, 2006

Generational Differences ?

[Setting: during a TV commercial]

my Mom: [in hokkien and english] You know, one could say that your big toe resembles your Second Uncle’s…[continues to stare at my foot]

Me: IT’S A TOE!!! [wide-eyed] I mean…..gaaaah..….[mentally bangs head on table]

I understand some parents/relatives do the whole, “oh, he has his father’s nose” or “she has her mother’s eyes” thing, but when it’s something like the above, it kind of drives me nuts. Family resemblances are sometimes very interesting to see, but I only notice them in people when they’re super obvious. I don’t understand why older people do the whole gaggling bit to younger kids, “look, his ears are shaped just like his brothers” thing….seems like the current generation doesn’t really care/observe them as much. Or maybe its just me. Bah, I’m going to go start my 5 page essay that’s due tomorrow. La fin de la procrastination. Pour maintenant. Hohohooo.

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