Friday, January 27, 2006

Google Conspiracy Theory

I’m in a pretty good mood. Just had a quiz (labeling the provinces/cities of China, Korea, and Japan) and we had to know 66 items on them, but were only tested on 20 of them. I felt like I had enough time and since I studied all 66…I didn’t want that studying to go to waste….so I labeled everything (that I could remember), not just the 20. Pretty geeeeky I know.

Cheese is great. Melted cheese is better. I don’t know how cheese came to be, but I know that it’s beautiful. There are many encyclopedia articles written about it, maybe even books about cheese in the library. There’s probably a very concise article at Wikipedia, which I’ll probably read later to satisfy my curiosity. What I like about cheese, is that they’re like humans, in that there are different races or ethnicities of cheeses which adds diversity to make life interesting. Like processed, limburger, swiss, cheddar, feta, the kind with the red wax on it, and my current liking mozzarella. A few crackers (salted) or if you’re feeling fancy, tortilla chips, a few pieces of cheese on top, a few seconds in the microwave (o, microwave, how I am grateful to thee) and BAM instant eating temporary pleasure.

I like Google a lot. I use it exclusively when I search stuff just because it’s so easy, like when you want to find a specific site with the phrase…say, “kumquat recipes,” and poof, only the site with that exact phrase will come up. I think you’d agree. And so would possibly hundreds of millions of people too as there’s a Google site registered for almost every country out there, (Google Estonia, Google Malawi , Google Bolivia and the new Google China
to name a few). And they have beaucoup des services and it seems like they’re always expanding into some new territory. I can’t remember it exactly, but I remember hearing that Google made a suggestion they would consider to venture into a market and a company already functioning in that market lost points on it’s stock, just because Google was considering to do something. Amazing.

So here’s my conspiracy. Maybe they’re trying to take over the world. Peacefully at first and not harmful so far, but who knows what they’re capable of in the future? Maybe they’re the beast that’s talks about in Revelation (actually I have no idea what I’m talking about here as I haven’t studied that book o’ la Bible yet)? The tracking technology that’s available now is pretty sophisticated and with Google’s might, it can be scary thinking of what they’re capable of doing. Maybe we might get Google chips implanted in our forehands and hands (like the mark? Still, I have no idea what I’m talking about, so I should shut up about that). Ok, so all I’ve said seems pretty farfetched, but it is something to daydream about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to Google in the fact that their services are so useful, (as my site is powered by Blogger) and their business (or any category) ingenuity is something to learn from. Sigh. Whoah, I had a thought, imagine if there was a Google Cheese? Mmmmmm.

I saw gas for 93.2 and then 90.2 ¢/litre yesterday. It's been in the high 97+/- for a while now. And I saw 89.9 today. lovely.

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