Thursday, April 06, 2006

Scratch? Pick? No.

The bus was nearly full, and I didn’t see any empty seats in the back, so I sat down on an aisle seat somewhere relatively near the front. There was a middle aged gentleman, balding, grey haired Caucasian man, reading some article printed off a computer who had the window seat beside me. I sat quietly as the bus travelled “up” Hastings towards SFU.

Then I noticed movement from the man sitting beside me. What was his hand doing? I dared not to stare directly at him, but I tried to look at him out of the corner of my eye. His hand was moving near his face… by his mouth …his nose? Is the man sitting beside me picking his nose? Nooo! It’s a full bus! He wouldn’t do that. And I’m sitting beside him! He wouldn’t pick his nose. I continued to try to get a glance at him now and then at the corner of my eye though. I’m shy and it would make things awkward if I suddenly turned my head to look at him. And also, I was afraid that he might actually be picking his nose, be upset and flick a booger at me. That’s right, I said booger.

People were getting off of the bus and I saw a few empty seats slightly behind where I was sitting. I wasn’t exactly comfortable, so I moved to the empty seats. I had a clear view of the man’s profile now. He looked like a pleasant gentleman, calm demeanour. I stared at him for a while, and in my head, told myself I shouldn’t think silly thoughts like the ones before. And then I saw him pick his nose. It wasn’t a scratch. It was a pick. He picked his nose. I was horrified. I looked around the bus. No one else had saw it. The man, on the bus, whom I sat beside, just picked his nose!!! Gaah!!! And he picked his nose when I had sat beside him a few minutes ago!!!

I got to school with no other exciting happenings. I didn’t think about it for the rest of the day until now.
(Week 13, last day of classes for me too.)
Read this, about the H5N1. It’s funny. Bigwhiteguy!


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Anonymous said...

i second the "ew." but that was like the funniest thing ever to read!

steph said...

ewwwww.. yeah that's gross. =p good luck on exams timmy ho!