Monday, April 03, 2006

Stupid accounting (lecture)

BUS 254 is stupid. Managerial accounting is stupid. I boo/change the channel whenever I see accounting commercials on TV. By the end of the semester(s) I want to physically hurt and inflict pain on my accounting textbook(s), but it is inanimate and will not react. And it cost way too much money, for me to damage it. Stupid accounting. I had my last lecture today...and this is what happened in my lectures for 254 this semester:

Week 1: Bored, but stayed awake the whole time (I think).
Week 2: Fell asleep.
Week 3: Fell asleep.
Week 4: Fell asleep.
Week 5: Fell asleep.
Week 6: Fell asleep.
Week 7: Reading break, no class. Phew.
Week 8: Midterm, guessed on a lot of the Multiple Choice cause lack of time.
Week 9: Fell asleep.
Week 10: Fell asleep.
Week 11: Fell asleep.
Week 12: Fell asleep and left early.
Week 13: (Today) - Fell asleep, waited for the prof to say something important about the final exam, and then regretted not leaving early, because he didn't say a thing that was helpful, AT ALL! [angry face] RAR!

When I say "Fell asleep" I don't mean I sleep-through-the-entire-lecture, but midway the class as I tried to concentrate, I would just conk out for a few minutes. Then I'd wake up clueless and lost, and I'd sit in my chair daydreaming/watching the clock. Almost every single time, I'd be in a bad mood when I exited the class, which would follow me on the bus as I travelled home. Lingering, negative side effects of a stupid stupid accounting class. Up yours accounting!

Good thing there's hockey at my church, Monday nights. It helps me on the inside. I got a blister on my left hand though from the stick I used. Stupid accounting.

Ok I'm done.

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