Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Semester end for me and Hands pocket junk

I had my last final exam on Monday (ASC 102- good course only if you’re interested in that kind of thing). I now have a feeling of freedom. Almost like as if I was lying on the ground and a gigantic humongous fat man (sorry not fat, I mean FAAAAT!!!) was just rolled off of me, allowing me to breathe and move again, but then out of nowhere I was pushed out a plane and I’m falling gracefully through the air flailing my arms happily and kicking because I’m free! Free from the bondage of school! Until May 9th. [ka-splut] Ow, the ground hurts.

I don’t know about girls, but I know as a guy (Yes! I'm a guy! Stop laughing and making fun of me in your head! ), sometimes I have an urge or craving to play a certain video game (it’s funny, as I was about to go to sleep last night, I had a craving for lasagne…hmm... delicious irrelevancy...). And so the past few days I’ve done that. Via les emulators of arcade games, I played
the Simpsons Arcade game (for some reason, I thought this game was great when I was younger, but now...not so great), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some Marvel Super Heros vs Street Fighter and now I’m working my way through Metal Slugs 1-4. Fun fun.

In other Tim-news, I did the Sudoku puzzle in Monday's 24 Hours in 7 minutes and I almost threw my shoulder out while doing some morning stretches.

Hands in My Pocket - UPDATE

Kudos to those brilliant marketing people hired by Capital One. I’ve noticed on TV that they have two new commercials featuring Jim Guthrie’s song. I guess they realized how popular it was and did the smart thing and capitalized on the popularity-isticness. They even did something smarter, and got a whole site (sort of, well, basically just the domain name I think) called (drum roll please): Clever hmm? At that site, you can download the full MP3 of the song and even watch the commercials, how cool is that? But they don’t have the first commercial. (EDIT: Nov 14 2006 - looks like they changed the website and you can't download the MP3 anymore. I suggest you do a google search for it or ask on forums or something if you're desperate)

The only reason I enjoyed the first commercial so much was because of that hilarious black guy boogeying. Cracked me up every time with the expression on his face. Something bad though, I don’t think they “advertised” correctly enough, cause for some reason, if one were to google (how great is that? “Google” is a noun AND verb!) “hands in my pocket commercial” yours truly’s Terriblelands is number one (tee hee). I only found because of Google. Did you just ask, "How popular is this whole hands in my pocket thing anyway?" Well over here, I mentioned that 50 people stumbled over onto my site because of me talking about it. Since December 2005, it’s been a few thousand. People are infatuated with someone’s hands, in someone else’s pockets! Btw, Rick Mercer did a spoof - Knee in My Package --> PACKAGE!!!

When you really think about it, at the end of the day, this whole thing is kinda perverted…

Man alive! Gas is gone crazy! Within the past 3 days, I’ve seen it at a low of 108.5 and a high of 117.5¢/litre. According to my records, it hasn’t been that high (in BC) since the hurricanes in September.

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