Saturday, May 27, 2006

Death of a Watch + squirrel eating video

My watch isn’t dead, but its pretty close to being dead. One button doesn’t work, but it still functions fine. Actually, the main thing is just that the little metal thingy that holds the straps together broke off about 2 weeks ago. I tried to fix it with a twist tie. Didn’t work. So I’ve been watch-less since then. I’ve been relying on my cell phone to tell me the hour and minute of the day, which is good, but just an inconvenience because I have to dig it out of my pocket whenever I want to check the time.

Something that I’ve noticed, almost like a trend nowadays, is that it’s more common for young people to have a watch over a cell phone. Especially for grade school elementary kids. Personally, I don’t believe they should be having things like that at their age (as if they need it), but that’s something else. Anyways, it almost seems as if that watches just aren’t enough for today’s users.

“A watch? I don’t need a watch. I need a phone! It can tell me the time! It has an alarm clock! It plays MP3s! And takes pictures/video! And it has a calendar! I can also call people with it! And it pays the bills! And does my laundry! A watch can’t do all that!” (Note: Exaggeration)

It’s not really troubling that more people have phones than watches, but in a way it’s sad. Watches are slowly fading away amongst the general public. However, I don’t believe there will be a time (hehehe) that they will be gone entirely. Maybe in the near future, watches will become super cool, maybe cooler and more useful than cell phones, and then everyone will have a watch again. Maybe. They’d probably have to put a gun on it or something like that.

It’s just another sign of the changing times.


A "new" video is up, it's very boring (Right click = > Save as.
It's just a squirrel sitting and eating a nut.

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