Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Photosgraphs Updates (Spider-Meh!)

Did Sudoku in the Metro, 25 min. = "Pretty Good"
Did Sudoku in 24 Hours, 32 min. = Bummer...
Sudoku really is fun.
Summer semester starts.
Still need to format computer.
And do work.
And laze around.
Saw gas as high as 120.2 ¢/litre and low as 115 recently.
And now, the photographie updates.

2 New Spider-Man Poses

13 Meh Photos (some not new)

1 comment:

eD said...

hey man!!
nice spiderman photos!!
you must be so bored with me.. hahaha!
i'm doing just find here.
we're having a blast!!
pray for our outreach that happens every saturday.!
God Bless!