Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Photo updates (Scenery) & British Dental stuff

2 Scenery Photos

Did Sudoku in the Metro on Monday, 18 min. = "Smart" ranking
Did Sudoku in 24 Hours on Monday, 6 min 40 sec. = Woohoo!
Did Sudoku in the Metro on Tuesday, 23 min. = "Pretty Good" ranking.
Did Sudoku in 24 Hours today, 18 min. = I'm getting better!
Did Sudoku in the National Post today also but = Gave up. It's ranking was "diabolical."

I'm getting addicted. Sort of. I just find it very relaxing to do while using public transport.
I have a sense of accomplishment when I finish. And then I recycle the paper. 8^D

This was from Reuters the other day; I thought it was amusing:

LONDON (Reuters) - More than 60 percent of Britons use items such as screwdrivers, scissors and earrings to remove food from between their teeth, according to a survey published Friday.

The National Dental Survey found that, when it came to oral hygiene, people used whatever was close to hand to pick their teeth.

More than 60 percent questioned by the British Dental Health Foundation said they used makeshift items, including knives, keys, needles and forks.

The survey also found that 23 percent of people chose to leave food stuck between their teeth, increasing the risk of gum disease and bad breath, according to the foundation which promotes oral health.

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Saw gas as high as 122.2 ¢/litre and low as 114.5 recently.

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