Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"A fool and his money are soon partying"

I saw that on a bumper sticker last week. I laughed.
Then I was sad and I pitied the fool (no, I didn't pity him Mr. T style).
It was more like a shake-my-head-in-disbelief/"gah-that's-too-bad" kind of sad/pityness.

As funny and as true that saying might be, as soon as the party is done, the fool is still a fool. Except now he's a poor fool. In more ways then one.

Time for a siiiiiiigh.........
Stupid things that are for the here and now.
Stupid things that provide instant gratification.
Stupid things that are temporary.
Stupid things that have no real purpose.
Stupid things that bog us down.

Going to be busy the next few weeks. Group projects, presentations, assignments, term papers... Then finals. Oh the joy of it all.
I'm tired, off to sleep. There's light at the end to look forward to. A hope to keep me going.
Ok, now I'm really going to stop.
Right now.


eD said...

Study Hard!


Jacmert said...

Hey Tim! You need to turn on RSS feed for your blog! I wanna subscribe (via Google Reader)!

And it took me awhile to figure out that he actually said "partying", and not "parting" :P

And btw, the light is Winter Conference.