Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This is a time-wasting post (gas and chocolate)

In the interest of procrastination, I'm posting some nonsense. I should be doing homework. But now I'm not.

Ok, firstly, gas has been sort of steady for the past few weeks, hovering above or below the $1 level. Not that anyone cares. Whenever I post about how much gas is, it's for my own knowledge. I don't know why I find it interesting. I don't even drive. Maybe it's because I can remember gas prices from some of my childhood memories... like seeing a big sign with numbers that read 49.9 or something like that. I never really fully understood what they meant, because in school, they didn't teach us that cents could be broken down into tenths. Anyways, today I
saw prices for 98.9 and 102.5 ¢/litre respectively. I don't even know what respectively really means....

O yeah, this is a funny commercial:

Whenever I see this commercial on TV, it makes me smile. Because it's funny. And cute. And it's an awesome jingle (gives Capital One a run for it's money). This is an interesting write-up here with more info about lyrics and stuff. Apparently this ad campaign is from Australia and 4-5 years old. Still good.
On a semi-related note, I don't like Cadbury chocolate because it's too sweet. And most of their candy bars have colours on the wrapper that aren't really pleasing to my eye. I like Nestle though.

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