Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This is a time-wasting post (gas and chocolate)

In the interest of procrastination, I'm posting some nonsense. I should be doing homework. But now I'm not.

Ok, firstly, gas has been sort of steady for the past few weeks, hovering above or below the $1 level. Not that anyone cares. Whenever I post about how much gas is, it's for my own knowledge. I don't know why I find it interesting. I don't even drive. Maybe it's because I can remember gas prices from some of my childhood memories... like seeing a big sign with numbers that read 49.9 or something like that. I never really fully understood what they meant, because in school, they didn't teach us that cents could be broken down into tenths. Anyways, today I
saw prices for 98.9 and 102.5 ¢/litre respectively. I don't even know what respectively really means....

O yeah, this is a funny commercial:

Whenever I see this commercial on TV, it makes me smile. Because it's funny. And cute. And it's an awesome jingle (gives Capital One a run for it's money). This is an interesting write-up here with more info about lyrics and stuff. Apparently this ad campaign is from Australia and 4-5 years old. Still good.
On a semi-related note, I don't like Cadbury chocolate because it's too sweet. And most of their candy bars have colours on the wrapper that aren't really pleasing to my eye. I like Nestle though.

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Jill said...

haha, that commercial IS funny but i guess i don't watch enough TV since I've never seen it before. it doesn't really make me want to buy Cadbury's Dairy Milk though. my sister watched it with me and asks, "What was with that butt wiggle?" a pertinent question, indeed.

also, this past August, a friend of mine in ontario text messaged me to let me know that gas in mississauga was 67¢/litre. unfair.