Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hat Perspiration

There was this one day on the missions trip that we were out and about. It was really hot, so I was wearing my baseball hat to keep the sun out of my eye. The hottest it got, I remember vividly on another day was 38°C! I got that information second hand, so I wonder if humidity was factored in or not.... or smog for that matter. Whew!

So.... on hot days, one usually sweats. I always sweat a lot. Anyways, The forehead part of my baseball hat, naturally started to absorb the sweat that was starting to drip down my face. Phew, it was really really hot! At the end of the day, I looked underneath the hat brim, and there was this light greenish/yellowish tinge that had a pattern that followed my sweat stain. And I could not figure out where this came from, or what happened. But, after coming back, I think about two weeks ago, I remembered, I was drinking this sports drink.... and it was lime flavoured. I had sweated out the drink! Hehehe....fascinating!

Why am I writing about this now? Well, according to the newscast, parts of the Lower Mainland today reached 37°C (parts of the Fraser Valley definitely got that high today). Our house thermometre right now reads 31°C but I know that's wrong because the stuffiness is similar to those hot days I experienced during OEX. Oh yeah, I wore my hat today too, and I noticed a gigantic sweat stain, and then I saw the greenish/yellowish stain from before. I'm going to go wash my hat now.

Random thought for the day: Life would be easier, if we had subtitles whenever we spoke. But that would mean, we'd all need advertisers or sponsors to pay for our live closed captions.... Hey wait, are subtitles and closed captions the same?


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,
You're always good at commenting on my blog so thought I'd do the same!
Great that you're back...although it would have been better if you'd come to Korea! I had a friend at CM so I hung out with her for the day. I didn't actually go to the conference, but heard it was great! There was just a great vibe around the place from all the people who were there for the conference!
So...God's stirred something in you eh? Hehe...glad you were impacted by the trip and that you're allowing God to do some big stuff in your life!
Keep your eyes on Him!
Love ya champ!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...and pretty gross about sweating out your line drink! The heat must have been intense! :-P

Catchya cuz!

Paulman said...

Ewww, the East Asian sports drink has dye in it! Lol. Maybe.