Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Cartoon Fun

I had a good laught at myself doing the Dragonball Z thing, and when I stumbled across this site, I thought, "I could use another laugh!" And so I made this (see above), and laughed again. Tell me that's not cool! (You have to click on the thingy that says "Create your Simpsons avatar")

Even though I watch a lot of TV, I'm glad life is not TV, because God made life so much more complex, interesting, and abundant! To be fair, 24 is complex and interesting, but it's not really abundant... ok going off topic. I was wondering/daydreaming today, about why some things are so simple to others, yet so difficult for the next person. For example, after taking my mandatory core accounting courses, I still have no idea what amortization is, yet the rest of the class knows AND understands what it is. Or maybe you've played with someone who isn't good at sports and you wonder, "It isn't that hard to kick a ball straight is it?"

God made everyone equal, but at the same time He made each unique, with special gifts and abilities. I think it'd be safe to expand on Ephesians 4:11, that He also gave some to be cooks, some to be artists, some to be athletes, some to be musicians, some to be engineers, etc. But what about some to be leaders?

Now, for the record, I'm just thinking out loud, none of my ideas are concrete. Sometimes, I think that not everyone can be a leader. But at the same time, sometimes I think that everyone has some capacity to lead. And sometimes it seems really evident that some people are born leaders. And sometimes people are trained to be a leader. I think that's so tough (um, not manly tough like "grrrr, I'm awesome", but tough as in difficult.... maybe that's a bad word choice....), to be a leader. But wow, what a bigger challenge to be a godly leader! The expectations and standards are high, but I guess that's nothing compared to the results. Aaaah Heaven!

Currently, I've been reading (very slowly) the book D.L. Moody on Spiritual Leadership by Steve Miller. It's pretty good, but wow, what a challenge. Giving your life to Jesus, and actually following Him... thats huge.


Johnson said...

i made my character and it looked just like yours, except different clothes

Tim said... ?

Anonymous said...

Yo! Timmy...You should have stayed over in Asia for the extra two weeks to gain some wisdom by Dr Guy Park who came and spoke on leadership....
Our first day of class was getting rid of the garbage and you will be surprised at how much what people think leadership is ends up being just garbage...I would encourage you to seek someone who stayed over from SFU for the notes or a definition of leadership the end of the course and at the end of everyday of class we were all blown away...seriously!!!