Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer = Kill bugs

I don't really like summer. Let me clarify, I think the time of summer is great. The weather and temperature of summer is not so great. Reason being, bugs. And I don't like bugs. So then what happens? I get revenge.

Electrocute the bugs, (in this case an annoying-non-stop-buzzing housefly, usually they're moths or craneflies), then drown them in a pool of cool water!!! That's "a bug's life!" Hahaha, take that Disney, I mean.... stupid bugs!

I also don't like ants. Grrrrr ants. The are so fascinating to watch, I just don't like being around them too long. I'm going to end this now and go get something to drink. This was a really boring post. Sorry.


Johnson said...

hmm this post is fascinating

i just checked out your ant page and read everything

very very fascinating, especially the video of the ants running frantically on the white paper

Tim said...

maybe YOU'RE fascinating...