Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kelloggs Mini-Wheats Commercial

It seems to be a trend that I blog about TV commercials.... I wonder why (seriously, I wonder why?)? Probably just a good sign from God since I have an intended concentration in marketing. Up yours accounting/finance/other concentrations that have math in them!

So, assuming you've seen the above commercial, you must agree, that this commercial is awesome. Most importantly, it's because of the kick-buttocks jingle. The TV commercial jingle needs a severe come back because it's so effective! I still remember the KitKat commercial jingle, you know the one, " Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that KitKat bar..." Now that's effective advertising.

The next reason I think this is so great, is because (in no particular order) it's cute (its a piece of cereal singing and dancing! It's smiling at me!), it's informative, it's colourful, it's a jingle, and it captures my attention. Not only that, but I want to see it again and again.

I almost want to learn the song too, but that would be pointless because I don't see myself in the future eating these things. I have had them in the past, except the bummer part of this cereal is that you can only effectively enjoy this cereal with one square on your spoon at a time (sure, you can do two, but then you have to open your mouth wider than normal). I prefer my cereal in bite-sized portions, but I prefer my spoon to be making that decision for me as I dip into the bowl, not eating pre-manufactured bite-sized squares. Actually, that's a pretty crappy and non-valid reason. I just like other cereal's better. The one's that have more sugar.

In other news, my U-pass finally came today. Cha-choooooom! I was so happy, I did a jig! Ok, that's a lie. But if I did do a jig, it would have been funny."

".....taste so good, good, good!"


Saw gas for 99.9 ¢/litre two weeks ago. Now its 108ish i think?


Johnson said...

u know wut's a really cool idea? you should make a commercial for something

and you'll be in it, and you can do your jig

and post that on youtube and it'll be silly and random but great

i've always wanted to make something random, maybe like this:

(btw, that guy has a lot of funny videos you should check them out)

Paulman said...

I want to do a DRIME clip some day to play during IGNITE. It will promote/market something...

Anyhoo, I LOVE Mini-Wheats! My cereal of choice for taste and nutrition/fibre. Actually, I like to buy them and just eat them next to my computer/desk at any time without any milk.

I've taken a bit of a liking to Vector, too. Super expensive, but I got a free shirt! I love that Saucony/Vector shirt! Also, it has an insane amount of protein per serving. Awesome!

P.S. Can you please (prayerfully) consider turning on RSS feeds for your blog?

Tim said...

um, what would i be selling?
who would be paying me?

actually, i did some funny stuff with some krispy kreme doughnuts a few years ago....i sent them my idea but they never replied. bums.

and yeah, i remember the vector commercial......i was very tempted to buy it cause of the free shirt, but then i thought... it doesn't look like it has enough sugar. so.... pass