Thursday, August 16, 2007

Right or Left

I looked at the clock last night; it read 9:46pm. I was feeling a bit grumpy/groggy because I was feeling tired...and I thought, (not joking here), "It's getting late... I should go to bed soon..."

Never....(I think) have I ever thought, that I would think those thoughts (because I'm normally a night owl)... especially during the summer the middle of August.
Its cause of new things in my life, praise God. I'll talk more about it in the future when I have more time.

Just noticed this week that
Strida bikes are now available in Canada.

How long have they been available for?!?!?!? I never got an email from them saying they were (I signed up on their mailing list last year)!!!!! I..... really..... want one.... would make commuting so much easier.... less walking anyways.... But the cost has to be justified.

How long would this bicycle last me for? How difficult is it in a hilly place like Vancouver? How often would I have to check the brakes? What if it's raining? What if I can't lug it around and have to leave it somewhere (eg. classrooms)? What about safety on the roads? What about it being a target for thieves (cause it's so cool... and convenient!)?

But the cost.... eeergh....

I could get a junky cheap car, which would be far more convenient than this super expensive (and nifty!) bike. But that would mean insurance costs.... gas... tuneups.... possible replacement parts.... parking... lots of responsiblity...

And I'll have a U-Pass (oh man, I miss it so much.....~$25/month VS. $18 alone in 1-Zone ticket books) so then what good would a car do? Decisions. Or I could just do without both, which is the most likely thing to happen. I really want a Strida though.

Thoughts still mingle in my head, because it's so true- the short version is (I'll try to write the long version in the future) am I living for now, the temporary-now that passes in a literal instant? Or am I living for eternity, what matters and will last forever?

Which am I? I still sometimes think that I'm living for a dot, meaninglessness (eg. see above wishing for a Strida). When I read Bible verses, I usually ask myself have I actually done, or am I the person that it's talking about in there- actually following what God's Word is saying to me?
Do I really put forth all I have in my life for Him to use me? If one were to judge by my above paragraphs, then no. And I can't compare myself to other people. That's useless.

I watch the news, and I see tragedies in the local area, and natural disasters around the world. I think, I'm capable of doing something. What can I do? I'm so far away. I have my own issues to take care of too. But I can't get too comfortable in my life. That would be too easy. Have to think more. Pray more. Use my God-given common sense more. Oik...

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Johnson said...

I want to hear about this new thing in your life!

oooh.. Strida.. cool bike!

not so long ago, i wanted to buy this controller (Pop'n Music Arcade Style Controller for PS2) for $500 USD before tax/shipping

i went as far as putting it on the (web) shopping cart

i almost bought it, but then the next day decided to settle for a cheaper version (non Arcade Style =( ) of the same controller (~$100)

now i just play Pop'n Music at the arcade.. it's more fun than on PS2

my point is? wait.. i don't have a point.. LOL