Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hurrah for Fall!

Reasons I Hurrah for Fall:

1. The weather is colder ==> bugs will all die soon
2. Get one more hour of sleep on a blessed Saturday!
3. Really cool TV shows back, plus some new ones.

Things I've seen/noticed (not necessarily because it's Fall):

1. I can feel and see the weather getting colder in my hands.
2. Dead skunk, run over on the street. Looked pitiful/disgusting.
3. The next day, a dead cat on the street, looking pitiful/scary (eyes were still open)
4. Me very sore/tired from too much exertion of energy (eg. floor hockey/random jumping, phew!)
5. Me very lazy/unmotivated to get things done, because of above point.
6. Mark Driscoll on
Ephesians - is like God speaking directly at me!

This is a really lousy post that doesn't make 100% sense......

But on the topic of making sense.....did I not see this coming?!?!
Google laying its on fiber optic cable across the ocean?!?! No way!!!

my theory on Google is correct, what does this mean for humanity then? What next- pigs flying?! Hehehe, that would actually be kinda cute, if it was one of those small fat potbelly pigs...

Mmmmm.....bacon. Wow I could really go for a good burger right now.

1 comment:

Johnson said...

i dunno if i can hurrah for fall, because i generally don't like cold weather

but Hurrah for Terribleland updates!

i like how u sometimes link to ur old posts