Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A fascinating post!

I started to write a really long, fascinating, and deep (in my opinion) post about equality yesterday night, but it was so deep, fascinating, and long, that I told myself I would finish and post it today. Well, I lied to myself... actually it's more of an unbroken promise that I didn't even make, but anyways, I hope I will put it up tomorrow.

In other new, I really, really, really want a punching bag. I think eating big dinners to make up for small meals during the normal day is not good, especially if I just lounge around in front of the TV or in front of the computer right after I eat the big dinner. To be fair, I am tired from work, but I really shouldn't let all that food just sit and digest by couch potatoing and I should exercise a bit to get the blood flowing... exercise by beating something! It probably doesn't help that I've recently discovered Fight Quest, which probably has fueled my desires to beat on something... I mean exercise. Aaaaah, Doug and Jimmy....8^D.


Anonymous said...


Hilarious on so many levels!

Thank you, Tim.

Tim said...

who-zah wha-zah?

Johnson said...

you should totally get a punching bag!